Ranking High on the Search Engines

Local SEO is not as complicated as most make it out to be but there are challenges to do it correct.  If you don’t create the proper citations and have the correct information displaying in at least 4 citations you run the risk of not having your business show on the map correct or in your local market at all.

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If you are serious about getting real results and have the budget I would reach out to those guys.  They helped one of my last companies I consulted out out rank their competition within 4 weeks.  They work hard for you and are an American based company.  The delivered everything they said they would for our company.




With all of the new Google updates it is has become more and more difficult to rank your sites in the organic search.  Google’s sandbox is now making sites wait almost 3 months when they are created now days.  Our thought on this of course is revenue if you have a new idea and want it to be seen by the world and are waiting on the sidelines. The fastest way around this is to pay for advertisement.


Bing and Google both have a PPC campaigns you can set up and start marketing your business within days of setting up your accounts and approvals.  This can be very successful and very expensive unless you know what you are doing.

In our plan organic search by using SEO is one of the best cost effective solutions for anyone trying t hit the first page or the first spot on Google.  Here are the 7 tactics to rank your site better on Google and the best SEO value of your site.

  1. On page optimization
  2. Does your website have a quality content
  3. Create Multiple Landing Pages
  4. Create Unique Offers
  5. Create your own products for sale that people would want.  Market them in forums for free.
  6. Email Marketing to drive more traffic to your site
  7. Ask for back links from other admins in your niche industry.